We Are Honored...

when a bride trusts us to preserve such a meaningful piece as their wedding gown. We treat each opportunity with the utmost care and attention, and deliver to each bride a memory they can cherish forever.

What you can expect:

Our painstaking process includes:
  • Inspect thoroughly for stains, wear, and age. Test the beads and trim for serviceability.
  • Prepare the gown for cleaning.
  • Hand clean using gentle proprietary procedures.
  • Rinse in a virgin solvent for a brief period to remove all cleaning agents.
  • Reinspect thoroughly for stains and latent sugars.
  • Post cleaning stain removal if needed.
  • Prepare the gown for Hand Finishing.
  • Hand finish the gown with extreme care to respect the designer’s lines and drape.
  • Customer Inspection of the gown prior to boxing, if desired.
  • Packaged in a clean environment in an archival-quality acid-free box with acid-free tissue paper.

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Wedding gown preservation ensures that after many wedding anniversaries, your dress will look as fresh as it did on your special day. Some brides choose to preserve their gown in hopes that they may pass it down to their daughter or granddaughter, or make it into a christening gown for their grandchildren. Some like to preserve it simply for sentimental value. Whatever reason you choose, be sure to do some research before you hand your gown over to just any preservationist!

Cunningham Cleaners specializes in Wedding Gown Preservation and restoration. We employ state of the art cleaning processes to ensure your prized garment is safe. With our packaging, you are able to open your box, and see your gown. In fact, occasional monitoring is recommended. Always store your preserved gown in a dry, room temperature area. Avoid basements, attics, and outer home walls. A closet or under a bed is ideal.

There is no better way to preserve your wedding day memories than with Museum Quality Gown Preservation! With over 40 years experience of cleaning and preserving thousands of gowns, we have developed procedures to safely remove stains even from silk satin gowns. Few preservationists are capable of matching our stain removal successes. Call today!